Welcome to the South Coast Running Club!  We are a group of fun-loving runners committed to providing first class fun-run and racing opportunities at a reasonable cost to the local community and the many visitors that come to our area. Whether you come to our regular Wednesday night (6:15) runs from Seven Devils Brewery, or compete in one of our events, you will find a welcoming, open group of people who enjoy running.

We are an all-volunteer organization who pride ourselves on putting on great events with spectacular views.  Most of our races support local charities.  We encourage you to join the South Coast Running Club.

2017 Upcoming Races

November 23- Turkey Trot, Empire Lakes, Coos Bay, OR

December 9- Mac’s Run, Sunset Bay State Park, Charleston, OR

2018 Race Schedule

Some of our races don’t have websites updated yet, please check back for more information!

January 7th – Bullard’s Run, Bullard’s Beach, Bandon, OR

March 10th – Run of 2 Cities, Mingus Park, Coos Bay OR

April 7th – Salmon Creek Run, Powers OR

April 21st – Roseburg to Coos Bay Relay, Roseburg, OR

July 4th – Mayor’s Fire Cracker Run, Coos Bay, OR

July 14th– Trail and Treat Run, Charleston, OR

July 21-July Jubilee, North Bend OR

Special!  Do all three July races and be eligible for a Triple Crown Award! 

August 11th– Circle the Bay, North Bend, OR

September 1st– Sunset Trail Runs, Sunset Bay State Park, Charleston, OR

November 22nd– Turkey Trot, Empire Lakes, Coos Bay, OR

December 8th– MACS Run, Sunset Bay Stat Park, Charleston, OR

Questions?  Contact us here.

New Website Welcome!

With special  thanks to Amarissa, Carol and Rebecca, the club now has a semi functioning website! Enjoy!


South Coast Running Club

3 weeks 3 days ago

Check it out, grab four other people, mark your calendars and sign up. Oh and don't forget to like and share!.

Mark your calendars and sign up on-line for this awesome 5 person relay race from Roseburg to Coos Bay. For more information and registration go to www.southcoastrunningclub.org. No day of race rigistration for this awesome run!

Group Runs

Hump Day Runners meet every Wednesday at 7 Devils Brewery, rain or shine. The group run begins at 6:15pm and will usually host variying distance runs. Come, run, stay and enjoy great people and great beer!

Fit-For-Your-Life Running Group

They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at the North Bend High School parking lot at 5:30 am. Average run distance is about 4 miles with paces varying from 10 to 8 mph. All runners are welcome. Join them and start your day with a sense of morning accomplishment and a sunrise!